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Manufactured Homes In Michigan: Summer 2023

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In today’s complex real estate market, buying a home is influenced by cost, location, community, and lifestyle. The manufactured homes at Morrice Meadows, Michigan, promise to address all these factors effectively.

Built to deliver comfortable living at an affordable price, these homes demonstrate that cost-effectiveness doesn’t have to compromise quality. With prices starting as low as $45,000, the financial accessibility of these homes opens up homeownership possibilities to a broader range of individuals and families.

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The placement of Morrice Meadows is another significant advantage. The community is nestled just east of Morrice Road and off Britton Road, providing a serene residential environment. Yet, the convenience of being just three miles away from the vibrant city of Perry and the proximity to I-69 ensures that the demands of modern life are met.

Moreover, the community spirit at Morrice Meadows enhances the living experience. The welcoming neighborhood promises more than just a home – it offers a sense of belonging.

Is A Manufactured Home Real Property In Michigan?

Michigan categorizes manufactured homes affixed to a permanent foundation as real property. This gives homeowners the assurance and stability of owning property, complete with the corresponding rights and responsibilities. Property taxes do apply, as with any other form of real estate, and vary based on the home’s value and local tax rates.

To add to these advantages, our in-house licensed dealer, IMC Home Sales, simplifies the buying process. We also offer spacious sites for those who already own a home looking for the perfect place to settle.

These factors make Morrice Meadows an excellent choice for your new home. It’s not just about the monetary value of the property but also the lifestyle it offers. It’s about the security of owning real property, the ease of the process, and the joy of being a part of a tight-knit community. By choosing a manufactured home at Morrice Meadows, you’re choosing a lifestyle rich in quality, affordability, and community spirit.

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